Wilee Rail

Wilee Rail specializes in development of embedded electronic solutions for railway applications. Wilee Rail started over 25 years ago with the development of door control units for external passenger doors and has experience with hardware and software development for safety critical applications as well as implementing the processes according to the following (railway) standards:

  • EN 50155: Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • EN 50126: The Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)
  • EN 50128: Communication, signalling and processing systems. Software for railway control and protection systems
  • EN 50129: Communications, signalling and processing systems. Safety related electronic systems for signalling

Development of safety critical applications

Wilee Rail has seen an increase in the number of functions that is implemented in door control units and in embedded electronics in general. The growing number of functional requirements, overall complexity and safety impact has led to an increasing number of deliverables (generally more than 100 documents per project) and growing overhead. This was the reason for developing more flexible, reusable and maintainable modules as well as automation of certain process steps in generating the required documentation…

IEC 61508 and industry specific variants
IEC 61508 and industry specific variants

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Door Controller projects

Wilee Rail offers solutions for:

  • Door system projects for high speed trains, metros and light rail transit systems.
  • Door system refurbishment and upgrade projects, designed to comply with the requirements of each customer.
  • Maintenance and repair services to maximise the quality and reduce the life-cycle costs.

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Door Controller SDC-4EC+

Our latest generation door controller. The safety concept suits high speed trains, metros and light rail transit systems. A short time to market and cost efficient implementation is guaranteed by:

  • A highly automated development process including full traceability and automatic document generation.
  • The controller can be configured to meet customer requirements.

SDC-4EC Enclosure

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Equipment and workshop

Wilee Rail has various highly reliable in-house systems to test, monitor and validate products:

  • A Routine Test Bench (RTB) to test all products in the production plant and workshop.Wilee Rail Routine Test Bench

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